Headers & Codes in the Exakta Lens List

The Exakta Lens List contains only lenses for the Vest Pocket Exakta (Standard-Exakta) and with Exakta bayonet (original, RTL1000, Exakta66 pre- and postwar and Real).

This means that you won't find lenses with the name Exakta(r) but with other mounts (M42, Pentax-K etc.), lenses for cameras with the name Exakta but without an Exakta bayonet or lenses for the Exakta66  based on the Pentacon Six.


Short name of the lens factory (Zeiss, not Carl Zeiss Jena, CZJ or aus Jena), brand name or importer name (mostly for Japanese lenses, sold in the USA, like Vivitar).


Type name of the lens. In some cases the factory or importer used the same type name for all lenses.
NB1 In some cases is is unclear (at least to me) whether the name on the lens is a type name or a factory/brand name. For example, "Vivitar" is considered to be a brand name, but I don't think Vivitar is/was a factory.
NB2 For Zeiss lenses, the full lens names are used, not the indications T, B, S and Bm.


Focal length in millimeters. When a lens has a focal length in inches, the nearest value is chosen (for sorting purposes) and the correct focal length is given under Comments.
A zoom lens gets a focal length 0 (zero) and its range is given under Comments.


Largest possible aperture as written on the lens f:1-xxx. Lenses with two or more aperture values (dual and multiple focus lenses, some zoom lenses) get a 0 (zero) value. The correct values are given under Comments.


VP1    Vestpocket Exakta (Standard-Exakta) fine thread
VP2    Vestpocket Exakta coarse thread
Kine    original Exakta bayonet on Kine, Varex and Exa
OB     Outer Exakta bayonet, introduced in 1953
Real    Large bayonet on Exakta Real and TwinTL/Carena
RTL    Exakta bayonet + RTL diaphragm mechanism
KiRT  Kine (internal and outer bayonet), RTL and Real; for lenses with interchangeable YS- and             XQ-mount
Top    Exakta bayonet + Topcon diaphragm mechanism
Mam   Exakta Bayonet + Mamiya diaphragm mechanism on Tower/Sears/Reflexa
Plus    Exakta bayonet + Plusflex/Firstflex diaphragm mechanism
66H    Horizontal Exakta66 (prewar)
66V    Vertical Exakta66 (postwar)
66B    Exakta66 Both H and V, i.e. with dedicated adapter
MM    Magic Mount (Enna); semi-automatic adapter (Wechselsockel)
AM    Automatic Magic Mount (Enna); automatic adapter (Weckselsockel)


Diaphragm closing mechanism.
Man    Manual. Continuous setting.
CS      Click Stop
PS       Preset
APS    Automatic preset. Button on barrel; a few Schacht lenses only.
SA      Semi-Automatic. Cocking; release button over camera release.
Aut      Fully automatic (shutting gradually or suddenly)
---       No diaphragm
            [nothing] no diaphragm or unknown
?          Unknown diaphragm system


19xx    Year of introduction (as far as we know)
-19xx   Introduced in this year or earlier
+19xx  Sold from this year
SM      Short Mount for use on bellows
FM      Fixed Mount
EM      Exchangeable (=interchangeable) Mount unspecified
            EMT2  T-mount
            EMT4  Automatic mount
            EMIC  ISCO mount 
            EMIS   Insta-Switch from Caspeco
            EMKil  Kilfitt mount
            EMOB Outer bayonet mount e.g. from Tamron
            EMSc Schneider mount, for PA-Curtagon only
            EMTST nameless, found on Taika, Sun and Tokina
            EMYS  YS-system; many factories = XQ; adapters for Kine (internal & outer bay) RTL and Real
            EM-Questar Probably = T2
            EM Adaptamatic From Tamron
            EM BS-system from Birns & Sawyer (never seen one)
     NB No E/F/S/M indication in many cases probably means: I don't know about it.
ft m      Where of interest: distance scale in feet or meters or both ft/m
fxx        Smallest aperture (if necessary e.g. to keep subtypes apart)
xx,xcm  Focal length on lens indicated in centimeters, not millimeters.
FTxx     front thread size (if necessary e.g. to keep subtypes apart)
zm        zoom reach e.g. zm80-210mm
dof ind  depth-of-field indicator
chrome/brass  chrome on brass barrel
alu                  aluminium
focusring         ring on lens for focusing
focring            = focusring
diaring            diapgragm ring
rocker release simple bending-down autorelease button, mostly on Meyer lenses
bayo                bayonet ring
base                part of barrel that fits into camera
                      [degree sign] artefact of my computer system; no meaning
largechar         large characters
smallchar         small characters
leath                = leatherette

Patterns on rings
wafered          pattern of parellel rows and columns of little black rubber bumps
ridged             alternate black and metal sectors = zebra
dimpled           one row of relatively large elipsoid bumps; rubber (Berg und Tal)
milled              many small parallel grooves (the "normal" old way)
leatherette       attificial leather; irregular higher and lower parts
crossmilled?    crisscrossed double set of narrow grooves (not yet used)


Do you have Additions or Corrections?

If you have additions or corrections to this Exakta Lens List, 
please "prove your case"  by sending/mailing:
- factory name
- type name
- focal length
- serial number
- type of aperture control (see legenda on the list)
- description of special features if appropriate
- one or more pictures.

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