Other useful and interesting sites

http://www.exaktacircle.org of the Exakta Circle
http://www.exakta-cf.org of the Ihagee Exakta Club de France
http://www.exakta.org run by Maurizio Frizziero
http://www.exaklaus.de/homepage.htm run by Klaus Rademaker
http://www.peterlanczak.de/ihagee.htm run by Peter Lanczak
http://www.exaktaphile.net run by Miles Upton
http://www.exaktapages.com run by Olaf Nattenberg
http://www.dresdner-kameras.de/ihagee_exakta/ihagee_exakta.html run by Michael Sorms
http://www.photobutmore.de/exakta run by Horst Neuhaus
http://www.steenbergen-stichting.nl The Steenbergen Foundation (Dutch only)