English (British): Various flyers, brochures, leaflets, ads: Exa(kta) cameras, accessories, pre-war equipment

Mixed non-Ihagee documents
Ihagee advertisements in the British Journal Almanac 1928
Ihagee advertisements in the British Journal Almanac 1931
VP Exakta and Lumimax flyer 8p Dollond & Aitchison LTD, London 1935
Ihagee VP Exakta, Kine-Exakta and enlarger; ad by Wallace Heaton 1936
Ihagee advertisements in the British Journal Almanac 1937
Description bellows by Novoflex 1949
Ad The Original Exakta System in Modern Photography January 1967
Unknown magazine Exakta Owner 1965 Volume 1 Nr 1
Practical Tables for macro photography 1963+
Price List Levinson Australia 12p October 1965
Announcement Photo Cine Fair London 1961

Ihagee Exa(kta) camera flyers
Exakta for every purpose 1935
Kine-Exakta The leading miniature reflex camera 1936
Kine Exakta a miniature reflex camera 1938
Exakta the perfect reflex cameras, Garner&Jones 1938
Two models Most unusual 1939
Exakta V with the reflex finder hood 1950
Exakta V. for beginners and experts 1951
Exa (0) woman with beach ball 1957
Exakta Varex IIa Evolution over two decades 1959
Exakta Varex Assured Success for everyman 1959
Exa II the reflex camera for all 1961
Exakta Varex 1961
Exakta Varex IIa Assured success
Exakta VX 1000 1967
Exa IIb the versatile reflex camera 1964
35mm cameras Exa Exakta for all requirements 1964
Exakta Varex VX The two system camera
Exakta Varex IIb A centrepoint of the pioneering system 1964
Exa Ia with rapid wind lever 1965
Exakta Varex IIb 1965
Exa Ia the rapid action all purpose camera 1965
Exakta Varex IIb 1966
Exa 500 with 1/500 sec. 1966
Exakta VX 1000 1970
Exa 1960
Exa 1963
Exakta VX1000
Exakta, most versatile reflex

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VP Exakta for small pictures
Exakta RTL1000 with internal metering 1971
Exakta Varex and painter 1954
Exakta Varex swimming pool

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Back to basics using an Exa
Kine Exakta sixtieth anniversary 1969
3 cameras 1 system Exa, ExaII

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EXA500 1966
New Exakta system 1966

Ihagee Exa(kta) accessories
Micro and macro pictures most easily with Kine-Exakta 1948
Macrophotography and Photomicropgraphy 1951
Micro and macro pictures most easily 1951
The Exakta Flashgun 1951
Flash Technique 1951
Macrophotography Photomicrography 1953
The Zeiss-Distance Meter for focusing devices 1953
The Ihagee Kolpofot 1954
Kolpofot manual 1954
The Lens Magnifier 1954
Supplement to the Vielzweck brochure 1955
Interesting photos easy with the Vielzweck 1956
Kolpofot 1957
Macrophotography & Photomicrography 1957
Vielzweckgerät 1957
Macrophotography and Photomicrography 1957
Autocouple Exakta  extension set 1957
The Lens Magnifier 1957
Additional lens for the Lens Magnifier 1957
They choose Exakta 13 types of scientists 1958
Exposure Meter Insert 1958
The Ihagee Macro-Micro Photometer 1958
Macrophotography and Photomicropgraphy 1958
The Exposure meter unit 1st model, meter on top 1959
Macrophotography and Photomicropgraphy 1959
The Vielzweck and the Exakta Varex 1960
Macrophotography and Photomicrography 1960
The Zeiss-Distance Meter for focusing devices 1960
Miniature bellows close-up device (3 languages) 1961
Macrophotography and Photomicropgraphy & Magnear 1962
Ihagee Vielzweck 1963
Exa(kta) accessories for close-up & microphotography 1964
Macrophotography, Photomicrography, Stereo Photography 1964
Exakta and Exa accessories 1964
Ihagee Vielzweck 1965
RB2 Ring Flash 1965
Ihagee Vielzweck 1966
Macrophotography, Photomicrography, Stereo Photography 1966
Exakta "Vielzweck" 1969
Accessories: close-up, macro, micro, stereo, astro etc. 1969
Schacht Travemat prism viewfinder 1970
Travemat Operating Instructions 1970 version 1
Travemat Operating Instructions 1970 version 2
Manual RLT light meter prism ca 1982
All choose the word-famous Exakta Camera 1962
Exakta RTL1000 TTL prism
Travemat viewfinder
Examat Harwix Berlin flyer
Macro-, micro-, stereophotography 1963
Practical tables 1965
TTL-Penta Prism instructions
Instructions for use Ihagee Flash-Gun 1959
Exakta and Exa accessories 1968.08
EXAKTA "Vielzweck" 1969.11

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RTL intermediate Rings
Small accessories for the VP Exakta
Exakta VX and Exa Further Possibilities

New 2020.10.03
Varex IIa Innovations art 1991
Exa 1961.03
Exakta VXIIb accessories

IhageePrewar non Exa(kta) equipment
Lumimax enlargers 16p
Cameras with double extension
Cameras with double extension 1931

Experiences with the Two-shutter Duplex 1931
Shutters for Ihagee Cameras

Lenses for Exakta
Meyer lenses for Exakta 1937
Meyer Plasmat lenses 1938
Semi-automatic lenses on Exakta 1955