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Exakta Camera Company; Wirgin

Exakta Magazine vol 1 no 1 summer 1950
Exakta Magazine vol 1 no 4 1950
Exakta Magazine fall 1950
Exakta Magazine winter 1950-51
Exakta Magazine vol 2 no 1 1952
Exakta Dealer 1952 from ECC & mr Berkowitz
Exakta Magazine invites your articles 1953 (flyer)
Exakta Magazine vol 2 no 2 1953
Exakta Magazine winter-spring 1958
Angenieux lenses (folder)
Automatic Exa (folder)
Exakta VX ca 1952 (folder)
Automatic Exakta VX (folder)
Equipment information from Exakta (black booklet)
Exakta Continued (red booklet)
Exakta Electronic Flash Unit (folder)
Exakta Pageant (green booklet)
Exakta Unlimited (blue brochure)
Exakta VXIIa exposure meter ExCamCo (flyer)
Kine-Exakta Model V. (flyer)
Automatic Exakta (VX) IIa (folder)
New Automatic Exakta VXIIa (folder)
New Automatic Exakta VXIIb (folder)
Pricelist hyperclose-up photography equipment
Import certificate VX 52
Exakta VXIIa aut review in U.S. Camera (reprint)
Box ExCamCo Box ExCamCo Kine Exakta Model V 1950
Exa 1951 brochure
Lens Treatment
New Equipment
Letters + Newsletter 1985
Presenting the new Exakta 66 1954
Exakta description + price List from ECC in US Camera 1961
The newest EXAKTA accessory
Import certificate 1968
Mail your registration card now
Announcing Nature Photography by Arthur Bailey
Guarantee Camera + lens
Genuine Exakta Prism Finders
The fabulous Pacific Isles with 50 Exakta Photos
The Copymat
Close-ups from a distance now possible
New automatic Exakta IIa
Announcing the Exakta EDX-3 1979
Box for exclusive ExCamCo
"Guarantee, Registry, Import Cert."
8 camera documents from ECC
The Exakta in Scientific Photography
The Exakta's Synchronisation for Flash Photography
Lighting for Medical, Dental &Scientific Photography
Announcing the Exakta FE 2000 1979
Exa 1-2-3 That's how easy it is 1954
Guarantee Exakta + Lens 1959
Import certificate 1959
Oscillographic Photography Exakta VX
The Magnear Lens-viewfinder
New Exakta VX IIB
U.S. Camera compares Exakta VX IIa
EXAKTA first (VX IIa)
letter envelope from ECC
Exa Meyer Domiron
New electric eye lenses
Exakta first with .....
Garantee card 1956
Important Notice
Automatic Exa SLR
The photographic Eye 1950
Exakta VX with Carl Zeiss pre-set diafragm lenses 1952.02
Exakta VX, see it, and it's yours forever 1953.09
Celebrated Motion Picture Rear Window 1954.11
Presenting the new Exakta 66 1955

New 2018.12.26
Presenting an event: the Exakta VX 1955.05
Where equals meet: Exakta VX and Exa 1955.09
With just one feature the Exa
Announcing the fully automatic Exakta VX

New 2019.01.10
Easier with an Exakta 1955.12
Exakta covers the wide-world of photography 1956.04
Now for the first time in history: Stereo 1956.11
Automatic Exakta VX 1956.07

New 2019.06.16
The trend is to 35mm SLR cameras Exa 1967.08
The new Exakta light meter IIa
Exakta incomparable ingenious for over 20 years 1959.02

New 2019.08.30
Exakta first in sales for over 25 years 1960.01
Announcing the Zeiss Automatic Pancolar
Introducing the new Exa II

New 2019.11.03
From here to enternity with the new Steinheil Auto-Quinaron 1960.02
Biggest seller in 35mm SLRs EXA II
Exakta VX model 1952

Seymour's Exakta News & Newsletter

special issue (before 1950)
winter 1951-52
issue 1954A
Exakta Newsletter October 65

December 1956
Chrismas 1965
Christmas 1967
September 1968
Christmas 1968
July 1969
Christmas 1969
May 1970
September 1970
Christmas 1970
April 1971
June 1971
October 1971
Christmas 1971
June 1972
Christmas 1972
Christmas 1974
July 1975
Christmas 1975
Christmas 1976
May 1977
Christmas 1977
Exakta News Special bulletin1258
Exakta News Letter J76
vol 24 no 1
Operation Crayon "Fantastic Buys" 1959

Seymour's Exakta Equipment Information Service E.E.I.S.

e.e.i.s. May 1975
e.e.i.s. May 1976
e.e.i.s. May 1978
e.e.i.s. September 1978
e.e.i.s. Christmas 1978
e.e.i.s. February 1980
e.e.i.s. April 1981
e.e.i.s. December 1981
e.e.i.s. November 1982
e.e.i.s. November 1983
e.e.i.s. December 1984
e.e.i.s. Undated XX
e.e.i.s. Undated YY
e.e.i.s. Undated ZZ

flyer form ECC VX500, RTL1000, TwinTL
Seymour-Rebuilt Exaktas

Exakta Publications (publisher in New York)

Exakta Photography (flyer for book "Exakta Photography" by Jacob Deschin)
Exakta Publications blue on yellow (flyer with several books)
Exakta Publications green on yellow (flyer with several books)
Announcing a new book of photographic importance!
The Exakta VP, of universal usefulness
Exakta Camera Company Newsletter 7814
Exakta Newsletter 303
Special offer for new Exakta owners

Modern Photography Ads & Articles

New Products Exa article September 1951
Report on the Exakta article October 1952
Interchangeable Lens List July 1953
Modern Reports on the Exakta 66 ca 1954
Two automatic lenses for the Exakta July 1955
New Kin-dar hypo-stereo Attachment for Closeups June 1956
The amazing Tele Lens of Dr Werth October 1957
Camera buying Guide 1959 December 1958
Exakta VX IIb Buying Guide December 1966
Exa IIa Buying Guide December 1966
Exakta VX IIb Buying Guide December 1967
Exa IIa Buying Guide December 1967
Photokina Product Guide (one page) January 1967
Ad Ponder & Best March 1968
Exakta RTL 1000 Buying Guide December 1970
Ad Aetna Optix "Rebirth of the S.L.R." December 1970

Popular Photography Ads & Articles

Exa Trio article December 1963
Exa 500 (Ponder & Best) short article 1968
Ad Ponder & Best "From Stars to Starlets" May 1968

Various Pre-war cameras 1939
Kine' Exacta 1948
Kine Exakta 1949
(Kine)Exakta V. 1950
Introducing the Exa. Exakta V.

Exakta Photographic Products Corp Ads & Articles

Flyer Exakta RTL1000 +TTL
Flyer Exa Ia 1974

New 2018.05.05
Exa Ia import documents 1974.08


Exakta compartment case 1p
Cobra shutter release extention set
Flyer Kine-Exakta 1939 Photo Marketing Corp & Bell & Howell
Olden New York catalogue, only 2 Exakta pages
New Exakta manual Werner Wurst
Your dealer will gladly show this equipment to you
Ihagee Catalogue Herbert & Huesgen Co 1933
The new Kine Exakta 1950 (= Varex)
Exakta RTL 1000 with internal metering
A Hit! Kine-Exakta 1936
Exakta Two perfect reflex cameras 1937
List of Exa(kta) publications
Kine Exakta 1950 with interchangeable viewfinders Sterling-Howard (=Varex!)
Better Pictures with an Ihagee camera 1939.06
Exakta RTL1000 meter instructions
The Ihagee Parvola Twin
The "Weeny-Ultrix" 8-Picture Camera
USA Variations by Gary Cullen
Beseler Topcon (Exakta mount) for the US Navy

New 2018.04.05 & 15 Kindar/Hyponar
Instructions for Kin-Dar stereo equipment 1956
Hyponar Flash Holder
Adjusting the Hyponar 1959.10
KinDar in Dental Digest 1956.07
KinDar & Hyponar in Exakta Times by J. Hayes 1994.12
Hyponar by Mike Rees
Instr. for mounting$operating the Kin-Dar StereoEquipment
Letters <> Seton Rochwite Kin-Dar inventor 1969
New Kin-Dar Attachment
New Kin-Dar Hypo Attachment

New 2018.07.18
Greatly magnified or enlarged 1939.04
Readers' report nr 9 Exakta 1971.08

New 2018.10.27
The Exaktas, Landmark Cameras 1973+
The Vest Pocket Exakta 1973+
The Exakta VX500

New 2019.01.20
The new automatic Exakta IIa 1957.08
Happiest days of your life with Exa 1957.11

New 2020.04.01
Exakta most versatile camera system
The Kine Exakta 1939.03

New 2020.07.01
Process Herbert & Huesgen Co
Aut diaphragm for Exakta ACE
Exakta 35mm in the US March 1938

New 2021.04.01
Operation Squirrel
New Exakta RTL is Different
Interchangeable lenses ExCamCo